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Student Profiles
Manage your students on both mobile and desktop devices.
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Sorry for the wait, Edition 2 is finally here!
Classroom Management Tool
"Wonderful app" - USA App Store
Share with Colleagues and Teammates
Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor
Designed for education professionals such as teachers, trainers and counselors, this App helps you manage your students on both mobile and desktop devices.
- supports profile export in PDF document format
- share fully editable profiles among colleagues for quick edits and updates
- sync via Dropbox to share all profiles between multiple devices
- add note boxes, photos and data tables
- add and arrange note boxes with taps and swipes
- customize profile categories such as grades, attendance, performance and future plans
- saves commonly used note elements for easy reuse
Integrated with Dropbox

Opens, edits and saves "profile" format documents
Integrated with Dropbox for simple and quick manual file sync.
"This is an amazing, simple, helpful and extremely well organized app! I love how simply I can create profiles, add custom categories for notes and how I can easily import my own pictures and resize the boxes! This app even allows a spot for parent phone and email! This app supports printing, sharing the profiles as PDFs and other forms! Love love love this app!"
New in Edition 2
- ability to assign custom profile icons to individual profiles, this provides you with simple at-a-glance view of the members on each team
- ability to format note text colors and note box background colors, assign unique colors for important notes, use bigger font size for important messages
- ability to auto align multiple note boxes and photos with the new object alignment tools
- option to format table grid border lines
- tons of feature enhancements and performance improvements