Student Profiles

Easy-to-use Windows 10 software for classroom and team management

Create and manage individual profiles

Quickly build a comprehensive profile database with dedicated sections for classes, grades & assessment, communications and free form notes.

Works fully offline

Student Profiles does not require internet connection, you can use all features while offline. This is a true native application that runs directly from your device.

Multiple search options

Convenient multi-parameter search features allow you to quickly locate the information you're looking for.

Customizable search fields

Define your own input fields, search based on parameters that customize to your data needs.

Automated ID generations and timestamps

Student Profiles takes care of all the boring administrative work with automated generations of profile IDs, creation timestamps and tracking of last modification timestamps.

Of course, in addition to auto generated profile IDs, you also have fields and note boxes to manually enter student IDs and note tags if you so wish to.

Free form notes

Lots of space for notes! All profiles come with multiple large note sections, all note boxes are scrollable and accept free form text input.

Quickly Print & Share
Built-in printing features allow you to quickly print individual profiles and summary profile listings. You can also choose to print to PDF format for easy-sharing through email.

Free Trial

Student Profiles is available on the Microsoft Store with a free trial. This is a time limited trial and provides you with an opportunity to test run the app with all features unlocked.